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BOX FORTS | Animated Short (2012) | Thesis Team Project, University of Central Florida

I’m a bit reluctant to present this film as part of my portfolio. The goal was not to create a beautiful work of art, but rather to teach and include students, talent or no talent, to work together and have equal say. Hence, the film is a mixture of qualities. Still, it’s a cute short – Enjoy!

Check the full animated short BOX FORTS here!

My Animated Scenes

Besides animating all of Judy’s hair, I also animated these scenes. Every single student took part in every single production process: Story boarding, design, modeling, rigging, texturing, animating, special effects, compositing, rendering. Funny fact: I was also the voice artist for Judy, with an altered pitch.

Software used was mainly Maya, Shake, Nuke, PremierPro, and Photoshop. Props exclusively modeled by me are the entrance bushes to Judy and Jake’s houses, their front yard trees – the tall pines and birch sort-of-ish trees. The clouds & sunset backdrop in the end was painted by me.