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Mia in Sweden

Next Generation Marketers

This lovely creature is Mia, my 19-year-old daughter. She’s currently attending an international marketing program at Linnaeus University in Växjö, Sweden. No, I did not pressure her into the family trade; I was rather surprised when her final decision came in. I’m very proud of her, not only for attending the University but for having […]

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Street Vendor in Lisbon

What is it I do?

The job description for a marketing manager varies greatly. Some descriptions fall completely under analytics, budgeting, and client relations while others fall under creative implementation through digital media. Some, especially for smaller companies, describe what you could call a full-stack marketer. So, what type of marketer am I? I’m a digital media generalist with years […]

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Orlando Thinkers Discussion

Orlando Thinkers’ Discussion

I adopted the Orlando Thinkers Discussions’ Meetup group at 640 members in 2015 and we’re now over 2,000 members going strong. It’s a fantastic group of highly educated, international, and deep-thinking individuals. The attendance is a nice mix of regulars, new members, and special interest goers. Our discussions typically remain civil, enlightening, and highly sociable. […]

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Arc de Triomphe

World Traveler

I was born and raised in Sweden but during a round trip to L.A. fate decided to meddle and make me a permanent resident here in the U.S. I eventually ended up in Orlando and have lived here over two decades now. Surrounded by a multitude of neighboring countries Europeans commonly travel abroad. Although I […]

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