My Team of Alter Egos

Being a creative person is a TEAM effort. Let me introduce myselves:
The Kid
The Humble Beginning

The kid was commissioned early on, and so with each stroke of a pencil, crayon or paint brush, she made tiny contributions in the grand effort of making the world a more beautiful place. It's through the talent of the kid that our team still draws inspiration.

Alien Resident

Rigel is irresistibly sexy and runs our Twitter account, when he's not busy zooming the galaxy. He has a fascination with us humans and collects human memorabilia. He finds us incredibly cute and primitive, in a galactic sort of way.

Jessica Lang
The Driven

Driven by the creative curse, she knows no boredom. So many ideas - so little time. It's a good thing she can rely on the team effort to carry the projects through.

The Mango Spy
Mango of Mangolia

From the juicy shores of Mangolia, the Mango Spy stands smooth and cool, with a heart as tough as a pit. He runs the team’s social media incognito.


Digital Media Generalist, Designer and Artist

Marketing Material

Direct Mail

Tradeshow & Event material

Web Design Elements

Digital Art

Vector & Raster

Logos & Illustration


& Photo Editing

Private & Hired

Non-Digital Art

Sketch, paint, draw...

Pencil, Acrylics and Watercolor

Daily Habits

Blog Articles

While managing the publishing & editing of blog articles, I've sometimes had the pleasure of being a writer myself. Please forgive some of the older articles as the formatting has changed and is no longer accessible for me to edit.
Jessica writing blog articles